It had to happen sooner or later. I finally migrated an old blog I had over to WordPress. With some 75 million website powered by WordPress it must be worth something. About 19% of self-hosted websites are WordPress (like this one). More WordPress statistics are here, and here. It’s not like I’ve never used WordPress […]

ASP.NET 4.0 Custom Error Pages Very Slow to Load

When I upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0, runtime errors suddenly became very slow. There was a consistent two-minute delay before my custom error page would appear. The rest of the website was lightning fast, so it was not related to compilation. I finally decided to tackle this problem, so I started copying blocks of code into a new, blank custom error page. The delay was not present until I […]

Google’s search results algorithm Panda

I just came across this article that talks about changes to Google’s search results algorithm. http://www.seomoz.org/blog/beat-google-panda The five “penalties” listed are: 1. Heavy Template Footprint 2. Empty Content 3. Overlapping and Redundant Articles 4. High Ad Ratio 5. Affiliate Links and Auto Generated Content But the two significant points from this review are 1) how […]