Ways to Still Use IE6

Some users of IE7 have difficulty logging in to various portal websites with IE7. Here are a couple of options to continue to use IE6. 1. Here is a link that installs an IE6 emulator. It functions for exactly one session and then reverts to IE7. http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=70356 It was found it on nVidia’a partner website. They […]

IE7 Tabbed Browsing

Another comment about IE7 – I use SHIFT when clicking a hyper link to open a new window a lot. At times I get up to 20 open windows. To open a new TABBED window I now hold down the CTRL key when clicking a hyper link. The CTRL-TAB keys work like ALT-TAB to cycle through […]

FTP Not supported in IE7

I’ve been using IE7 for a couple of days now. I just ran into a feature I used in IE6 that isn’t in IE7. In IE6 I’ve created hyperlinks that will open up an FTP site and automatically log me in. The current version of IE7 does not support FTP. That’s one way to be […]