Force SSL ON or OFF Function

When working on a site that may have some pages in SSL (the check out pages) and most pages not I use a function to switch between SSL and Non SSL pages. First, I set the non secure and SSL URL’s in the config file under appSettings:     <add key=”SSLURL” value=””/>    <add key=”NonSSLURL” value=””/> Next, in […]

JavaScript Code To Toggle Check Boxes

Here is some JavaScript code to toggle check boxes (same action as radio buttons). In the page load event register the JavaScript:    chkTwoYear.Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “javascript: CheckTwoProgram(” + chkTwoYear.ClientID + “);”);    chkFourYear.Attributes.Add(“onclick”, “javascript: CheckFourProgram(” + chkFourYear.ClientID + “);”); In the HTML of the page add the JavaScript: <SCRIPT Language=”JavaScript”><!– function CheckTwoProgram(id) {    if(id.checked)       document.forms[0].chkFourYear.checked=false;    } function CheckFourProgram(id) {    if(id.checked)       document.forms[0].chkTwoYear.checked=false;    } //–> </SCRIPT>