How to send an email by authenticating with any mail server

If you want to send an email from an application that might not be on a server that allows relaying you can use the System.Net.NetworkCredential. Just add your account login and password and your email will route through the remote server.     Dim sTo As String = ““    Dim sFrom As String = ““    Dim […]

Restore Database and Database User

When restoring an SQL Server 2005 database from a different database instance the database login will be orphaned. Use this SQL script to fix the orphaned login. sp_change_users_login ‘Auto_Fix’, ‘user’, NULL, ‘password’ Actual syntax:sp_change_users_login [ @Action = ] ‘action’     [ , [ @UserNamePattern = ] ‘user’ ]     [ , [ @LoginName = ] ‘login’ […]