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Server.ScriptTimeout Not Working

I had a file upload page that gave an HttpException with message “Request timed out”. Natrually, I set the Server.ScriptTimeout to 360. But I still got the error rmessage. To solve this I added the following to the web.config file: <httpRuntimeexecutionTimeout=“360“maxRequestLength=“41000“ /> The maxRequestLength did not solve the problem by itself. The executionTimeout was needed as well.  

Setting Page Meta Information at Runtime

I have a MasterPage and some child pages. The content for the child pages comes from a database. I have a form in the Admin section of my site for editing pages. You can set the Page Title, the Meta Description, Keywords, and page Content. Accessing the title is easy, because the title of the content pages […]

Outlook Stationary

To create stationary for Outlook follow these steps: Create stationary as a local .htm page. Put the images in the same folder. Copy the .htm page and images into one of these folders:Vista – C:\Users\<logon user>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\StationeryXP – C:\Documents and Settings\<logon user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Stationery Then your stationary will be listed as a theme under the Signatures and Stationary […]

SQL Like with Parameter

I have a stored procedure that will do a search on records based on a value passed in. To use a parameter value with the SQL ‘Like’ command use this format:    SELECT * FROM clients WHERE FirstName LIKE ‘%’ + @sWhere + ‘%’ OR LastName LIKE ‘%’ + @sWhere + ‘%’  

Convert VB.Net to C#

Great VB.Net to C# converter tool: