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Network Tools

Here are a couple of sites useful for testing DNS and other network issues:

Permanent Redirect

Instead of doing a Response.Redirect to point to a page in a new location (I.e. the page has been renamed), do a permanent redirect. Using this code tells the search engines to no longer index the old page but to index the new page.    Response.Status = “301 Moved Permanently”   Response.AddHeader “Location”, “new-page-name.asp”

CSS Alignment Tip

When positioning text on a page in CSS add this code to view the element borders: border-width: thin;┬áborder-style: solid; That way you can see where the spaces are and can adjust the elements spacing.  

GridView Format Note

When applying a Format expression in the DataFormatString property of a column such as “{0:d}” the HtmlEncode property must be set to False. If HtmlEncode is set to True the format expression will not be applied.

Condemned To Google Hell

If you’re into tweaking your web pages to get ranked high in the search engines, and then rely upon that traffic for income, you might want to check out this article: The article points out that the penalty for spamming the search engines is banishment to a supplemental index. The problem is you may not […]