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How to Make Favicons with Visual Studio

I don’t have any fancy program to generate an icon. Since I always forget how to do this, here are simple instructions: Open the logo in Photoshop and flatten it to one layer on a transparent background. Duplicate it and resize to 16×16 pixels. Open a new instance of Visual Studio and click New File. […]

Setting WatermarkText in JavaScript

To set the Watermark Text of a TextBoxWatermarkExtender in the AJAX Control Toolkit, use the following code: var behavior = $find(‘<%= TextBoxWatermarkExtender1.ClientID %>’); behavior.clearText();behavior.set_Text(‘Hello World!’); behavior.initialize(); It took me a while to find that I needed to call the Initialize() function before the Watermark Text would get updated. Update September 25, 2012 It appears that […]


Hello,  I recently had a need to display a CAPTCHA on an ASP.Net contact form. After a short search on the internet, I found this article on the The Code Project: This Captcha control by Jeff Atwood was easy to plug in and works very well for my needs. I just wanted to let […]

SQL Server 2005 SSIS Packages

Today I used SSIS packages for the first time. SSIS packages are used by SQL Server Integration Services. There are a couple things I have found about SSIS packages that I want to write about. I am using an SSIS package to copy data from an Access database to SQL Server. This SSIS package can […]

ASP.Net AJAX Animations

Some of the best resources for the animation framework that comes with the ASP.Net AJAX Control Toolkit can be found at the live toolkit site at this Sample Site. I often look at the Animation Reference section of this site. While adding animations to ASP.Net pages, it is sometimes necessary to call animations directly from Javascript […]

Setting Page Meta Information at Runtime

I have a MasterPage and some child pages. The content for the child pages comes from a database. I have a form in the Admin section of my site for editing pages. You can set the Page Title, the Meta Description, Keywords, and page Content. Accessing the title is easy, because the title of the content pages […]